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MY Mission

Having lived and worked in 8 countries and led distributed teams across multiple timezones, I have come to realize that the future is remote. 

When companies no longer have to hire within a 60 minute commute radius, a world of opportunity opens up. You can now hire the best regardless of where they work, and your people can have the flexibility and freedom to work when and where they prefer. 


With access to a world of employers, people will be able to find work aligned with their passion and purpose. Increasing both engagement and happiness. The best have already realized this, and the rest will follow. If you're not able to cater to these new demands, your people will leave. Welcome to the great resignation. 

I'm on a mission to advocate and educate. To help companies and individuals embrace this brave new world. And, of course, have a little fun along the way.

kenneth HELLEM

Ken Norrsken Standing.jpeg


Remote Evangelist, Public Speaker & Advisor

Kenneth draws upon 17 years experience leading remote teams at Google, founding/running startups, and advising CxO's in 100s of startups & enterprises.

He has worked in 8 counties, and is currently enjoying life in southern Spain

Career Highlights

  • Head of Startups @ Google

  • Responsible for Google's relationship with Spotify

  • Startup Founder, Investor and Coach

  • Management Consultant

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